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Palmy Rocks Painting Kit 


Palmy Rocks is a Facebook group that is about creating and hiding art rocks. What happens to them after that is up to the universe to decide! Palmy Rocks is all about spreading a little happiness, making memories and uplifting others.

Because this craze has taken wings in Palmerston North the admin team and members of the community have created a Palmy Rocks Painting Kit for community groups, kindys etc to use. The kit is free to hire, but must be booked. The kit needs to be returned in good order, so others can enjoy it. 

The purpose of the kit is twofold - to allows groups to join in the fun without the outlay of cost to create a resource, and two - to allow groups to attend community events as Palmy Rocks as this belongs to everyone. The kit is hosted at the Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu and Districts office. 

To book the kit complete the Palmy Rocks Booking Sheet and email it to our office

The kit contents varies slightly as resources change but generally include what is listed in this checklist Palmy Rocks Checklist.



InvoleMe is an online self-assessment tool designed to give you a practical evaluation that you can apply to your organisation.


NZ Navigator

NZ Navigator is an online self-assessment to help identify your organisation's strengths and weaknesses.



www.community.scoop.co.nz regularly updates and collates all news stories involving non-profit organisations and charities. Subscribe online for free.



TechSoup provides donated technology to non-profit organisations and charities. Register at www.techsoup.net.nz.


New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services

Visit the NZCCSS website for Policy Watch, Kete Kupu and Vulnerability Report, which can be signed up to at www.nzccss.org.nz.


Community Research


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Visit www.communityresearch.org.nz for access to the latest research from the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector.


Whanau Ora

Image result for whanau ora research

Visit www.whanauoraresearch.co.nz for research into Whānau Ora, communities and whānau.


Hui E! Community Aotearoa


Hui E! Community Aotearoa seeks to promote, strengthen and connect the community sector. Visit www.huie.org.nz.


Best Practice Guidelines


Best Practice Guidelines outline appropriate techniques for managing volunteers, and is a free online resource available from www.volunteeringnz.org.nz.


An overview of the guidelines can be created here - at involveme


Volunteering New Zealand

Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) promotes, supports and advocates volunteering across New Zealand. Visit www.volunteeringnz.org.nz or www.facebook.com/VolunteeringNZ for access to guidelines, presentations and publications.


Mana Mahi

Mana Mahi is a guide to the employment of people in the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector organisations. Visit https://community.net.nz/resources/community-resource-kit/mana-mahi-resource-workplace-wellbeing/.


Association of Non-governmental Organisations of Aotearoa

The ANGOA (Association of Non-Governmental Organisations of Aotearoa) facilitates NGO networking around issues of common concern with a particular emphasis on strengthening relationships across the sector and between the sector and government. www.angoa.org.nz.


Collaborative Voices

Collaborative Voices profiles community organisations and their people in a way that actively demonstrates how these organisations are working. It is a radio show replayed by Access stations throughout the country and is available to download as a podcast. Visit http://www.accessradio.org.nz/collaborative-voices.html.



Volunteer Management Toolkit

The volunteer management toolkit is intended for use by boards, managers and co-ordinators to help attract, manage and retain volunteers. Visit www.creativenz.govt.nz/development-and-resources/volunteer-management-toolkit.


Essentials of Volunteer Management Training Course

This course is specifically focused on the needs of New Zealand managers, coordinators and team leaders. Taking part will help you become more effective and confident that you know about current sector practices, plus you will be joining in with a community of others who lead and coordinate volunteers across NZ. See how different organisations manage the issues you also have to deal with. Visit volunteer.xperts.co.nz.


Our Community Group

The Our Community Group provides advice, connections, training and easy-to-use tech tools for people and organisations working to build stronger communities.