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Do you want to:

Be a volunteer!

Who is a volunteer?

Someone who freely gives their time and skills for the common good.

Why Volunteer

What can you do?

Some options are:

Word Processor
Meals on Wheels
Youth worker
Promotions Assistant
Home Visitor
Horse Riding Assistant
Play Group Assistant
Swimming Helper
Appeal Collector

Library Helper
Scout Leader
Committee Member

Make a Difference

The efforts and enthusiasm of volunteers supports thousands of organisations in Manawatu and surrounding regions involved in health, community services, education, sport, conservation, arts and recreation.

Whether you have one free hour a month, or one day, or one week, there's sure to be voluntary position for you.

You could give your time and skills and help a voluntary organisation, while gaining satisfaction, meeting new people, and making a difference.

That is what volunteering is all about.

To volunteer - please contact us.

To register as a potential volunteer with us, please register online or download the Ricoh Volunteer Registration October 2016 , complete and return it to us. During the Christmas Period there will be a delay in processing your registrations and referral requests.

If you are registering online you can also view many of our volunteer roles online here.

Just please let us know the number of the role you are interested in when you register (in the "any other information" box).


We engage with people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. We encourage our organisations to welcome the international flavour into their services. Palmerston North has more than 120 different nationalities residing here and welcomes this diversity. We are unable to assist people who are not in New Zealand, however if you wish to volunteer once you are here we look forward to assisting you once you are settled.

None of the roles we have on offer are suitable to meet any visa application criteria for entry into New Zealand, or for the purpose of extending a visa to remain in New Zealand. We are not an organisation who can assist in any way with visa applications and we do not intend to change our purpose or policies in order to facilitate this.