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About Us

The Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu and Districts is a charitable trust established in 2005 to develop a volunteer centre in the region. The trust was initially supported by the Manawatu Promotional Trust and undertook investigations including many interviews, workshops and discussion groups to ascertain the need and potential structure of the centre.

The centre is a member of Volunteering New Zealand, a national body representing volunteer centres and the national bodies of organisations that involve volunteers. Volunteering New Zealand is strongly committed to volunteering. We are also a member of the Australian Association for Managers of Volunteers, Manawatu Chamber of Commerce, Palmerston North Community Services Council and SINCOSS (Social Issues Network Council of Social Services Manawatu).

There are more than a dozen Volunteer Centres in New Zealand and the Manawatu centre has received tremendous support and encouragement from our sister centres.

The centre is funded by various sources who have an interest in the local community. 

Volunteering is about:


"What you do for yourself alone dies with you. What you do for others and the world, remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike

What we do

We promote volunteering activities in the region and are involved in many events and activities. Each year we hold the Volunteer Recognition Event to recognise some of the contributions volunteers make to our region.

Our key roles include"

* Priority is given to members

 Our support for volunteers includes: 

Matching you with a role: We can help you match your individual skills and interests with a large number of groups who need volunteers.

Training: Supporting your understanding of what a volunteer is (and isn't).

Advocacy: Helping you with any questions or concerns you have about your volunteering journey.

“Voluntary work is done of one’s own free will, unpaid, for the common good.”

Our Coverage

Our trust deed covers the Palmerston North, Manawatu, Tararua and Horowhenua local authority areas. However, as with anything, there are grey areas and cross overs.

We generally are deemed to cover to Bulls, where Volunteer Whanganui takes over. We work closely with our sister centres to help provide coverage and support across our region as we are able. 

We are unable to assist people who are not in New Zealand. However, if you have travel plans already in place and wish to volunteer once you are here we look forward to meeting you on your arrival. We engage with many migrants from all over the world and encourage our organisations to welcome the international flavour into their services. Palmerston North has more than 120 nationalities residing here and welcomes this diversity.

Please note: None of the roles we have on offer are suitable or meet any visa application criteria for entry into New Zealand, or for the purpose of extending a visa to remain in New Zealand. We are not an organisation that can assist in any way with visa applications and we do not intend to change our purpose or policies in order to facilitate this.


Our Board

The current members of the trust board of the Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu and Districts have years of experience between them within the for-profit and not-for-profit areas, and in delivering services and projects within the community on a variety of levels. 

Board as at June 2019


Chris Atherton

Chris is a Chartered Accountant and has had a long career in management accounting, supporting both governmental departments, private businesses and charities to make sound financial decisions.  Chris has been on the board since July 2018.

Chris holds the Finance portfolio.


Vice Chair


Jade Berridge

Jade Berridge is a Chartered Accountant and has worked as a Management Accountant for a number of public sector companies both in Wellington and in Palmerston North. She is currently a Project Manager at Massey University and has been a Board member since April 2019.



Vicki Wilce

Vicki is a  primary education professional and also has a degree in criminology.  Vicki has been on the board since August 2018.

Vicki holds the Policies and Governance Portfolio.




Chris Atherton

Chris is a Chartered Accountant and has had a long career in management accounting, supporting both governmental departments, private businesses and charities to make sound financial decisions.  Chris has been on the board since July 2018.

Chris holds the Finance portfolio.



Board Member

Jordan Dempster

Jordan is a marketing professional with many years of experience in marketing, communications and broadcasting.  Jordan joined the board in August 2018.

Jordan holds the Marketing and Social Media portfolios



Board Member

Peter Hamilton

Peter is an IT professional and has been on the board since September 2018.

Peter holds the IT portfolio



Board Member

Lucas Woolf


Lucas is a User Experience Designer and has a background in branding and product development.  Lucas has been on the board since August 2018. 

Lucas holds the branding portfolio.


Board Member

Richard Greaney



Our Staff

Kate Aplin - Recruitment Manager

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Juliana Chang - Events Manager

06 354 6027

0210 8436 175



Nuwan Eranga - Business Analyst

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021 2070 329



Guy Dellabarca - Horowhenua Outreach Coordinator

Guy is responsible for promoting the benefits of volunteering to Horowhenua residents and attracting new volunteers and member organisations.

A printer by trade, Guy has also worked in real estate and been a house husband.

Guy loves getting out and about meeting people and describes his sense of humour as "way up there". "If you aren't having fun you're  not doing it right." 


022 0279 774


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